Adventures with Debra and Robert


Photo: Debra and Robert on Hogback Mountain

Debra and Robert on Hogback Mountain

Two Meander is a collaborative project of Debra Dickinson and Robert Witham. Debra and Robert are both full-time nomads, writers, and YouTube creators. They have been friends since 2016, and have traveled together at different times. Since February 14, 2018, they live together in Fancy Free.

Debra Dickinson

Debra has been a fulltimer since 2/22/14, and previously lived in a vintage Class B (Fiona) and then a bumper pull (Super Spree). She has been a boondocking nomad since 10/8/15 in a 2005 Ford E350 Cargo Van (Fancy Free). Debra is a TBI thriver (traumatic brain injury), an author, and YouTube Vlogger.

She began her journey in Fancy Free with her two senior dogs, Bentley and Nonni, and now travels with Robert.

Bentley’s Tribute, 10.02.02-03.30.17

Nonni’s Tribute, 09.04.05-10.21.17

Robert Witham

Photo: Robert at Surfside Beach in Texas

Robert photographing the ocean at Surfside Beach, Texas

Robert has supported his nomadic adventures by working as a full-time YouTube creator, photographer, and writer. In the past, he has also supported his travels by working as a journalist and freelance writer. Robert is also the author of four non-fiction books, and still plans to complete a novel.

Robert has been a nomad at heart throughout his life, and has always traveled as much as possible. A full-time nomad since 2015, Robert has had many short-term stints as a vehicle dweller over the years.

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