Privacy Policy

We value privacy, both online and offline, and understand that you probably do too. The information on this page represents our best effort to accurate explain how we may use your digital information – without a lot of “legalese” that only lawyers can understand.

Email Privacy

We offer an option to subscribe to this site by email. Subscribing by email allows you to receive notifications whenever new content is posted to the site.

While we are able to see the email addresses of subscribers, we do not use your email address for marketing purposes and do not share your address with any other people or organizations. The only purpose that your email address is used for is to send updates when new content has been posted to the site. This is accomplished through an automated program.

Website Analytics

We utilize standard website analytics software, such as that offered by Google Analytics or WordPress, to track customary user information. This information should not identify you personally, but does allow us to see the geographic regions, browser details, and sometimes demographic information about website viewers. This information is used to help us understand what content our readers find valuable, and to make broad decisions that will allow us to provide the best viewing experience (for example, the percentage of readers who are using mobile devices vs. desktop computers).


This site may utilize advertising. It is possible (likely?) that the advertising scripts (such as those provided by Amazon) may collect additional information about site users, but this information is not available to us and is not utilized by us.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about how we may use any information about you. The bottom line, however, is that we do not employ any tricks or unethical tactics to collect user information. We employ standard website analytics and limited advertising from respected companies as do most websites.