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Beyond the Green Mountains

Photo: Debra and Robert on Hogback Mountain

Debra and Robert on Hogback Mountain

Brattleboro is frequently listed as the hippiest city in Vermont, a state that itself is frequently considered to be the hippiest state in the country. Needless to say, visiting Brattleboro is a cultural experience that Robert wanted Debra to enjoy while in the northeast.

Brattleboro is only about 90 miles from Cambridge, New York where we have been staying, but it is on the other side of the Green Mountains. And the weather has been positively frightful. That combination resulted in us not making the trip over during the first three weeks we were in New York.

Debra’s friend Cindy (the two have been besties since elementary school in Texas) lives in New Hampshire. We were able to plan a meet up this past weekend with Cindy and her boyfriend, Mike, in – of all places – Brattleboro. This serendipity arose because Brattleboro, which sits on the New Hampshire border, is the exact midway point between Cambridge, New York and the city where Cindy lives.

Fortunately, the weather was fairly decent throughout most of the day and we were able to enjoy a lovely ride over the Green Mountains and to explore Brattleboro a bit before meeting Cindy and Mike for lunch. We met at Whetstone Station, a quirky microbrewery and eatery that features dining balconies that extend out over the Connecticut River. The food was scrumptious  and the company delightful.

Brattleboro itself is a quirky city. Founded in the 1700s well before the American Revolutionary War, the downtown area is full of historic buildings. The city also is renowned for its vibrant arts culture.

We had planned to walk around a bit to capture plenty of photos and video footage, but the noisy weekend traffic proved too much. Debra was experiencing TBI symptoms and was in danger of an episode so we cut our exploration short. The important thing though is that we were able to enjoy a nice drive and lunch with Debra’s friend before she started to have trouble.

All in all, this was a lovely day. It also serves as a perfect illustration of one benefit of the nomadic life. While our travels often take us away from friends and family, it is this perpetual travel that also creates opportunities to connect with people we might otherwise see far less frequently. Of course, it still seems there is never enough time to see everyone.

We are glad that you have joined us for these adventures, and hope that you enjoyed this “behind the scenes” recap of our trip across Vermont to Brattleboro. See today’s Meander Monday video (below) for more photos and video clips from Brattleboro.

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Meander Monday Video

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