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Tom Wells Road BLM (Ehrenberg, AZ)

Image: Tom Wells Road BLM Area

Tom Wells Road BLM Area

Location: Ehrenberg, Arizona
Type: BLM Dispersed
Access: Approximately 0.25 miles from Interstate 10, Exit 5
Coordinates: 33.622710, -114.435241
Elevation: 640 Feet
Road Conditions: Pavement and gravel
Phone Coverage: Verizon, 2-4 out of 5
Maximum Stay: 14 days
Fee: Free
Amenities: None; primitive, dispersed camping in the desert


Quartzsite and Ehrenberg are both popular camping areas in southwest Arizona. Quartzsite is home to the annual Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and RV Show. Ehrenberg, on the other hand, offers little in the way of services and entertainment, but does have plenty of free, dispersed camping on BLM-managed desert land. Often overlooked on the short drive between Quartzsite and Ehrenberg is Tom Wells Road.

Tom Wells Road, accessed via Exit 5 on Interstate 10, is a well-maintained gravel road that provides access to a very large camping area. The road is in surprisingly good condition for a BLM road, but does pass through a number of washes that may flood during rains. The area close to the Interstate is popular with campers who drive larger rigs, but there is less camping activity as you drive further back from the Interstate. The road remains in good condition for about 2-2.5 miles, but eventually deteriorates as it passes through washes.

This area has more vegetation than many desert areas, and is bordered by the scenic Dome Rock Mountains to the east. There is a network of dirt roads that run east and west from Tom Wells Road so it is fairly easy to camp away from the main route in and out of the area.

As a primitive, dispersed camping area, there are no amenities or services available. This is a nice place to camp and be alone in the desert, but you will need to bring all of your own supplies and be self-contained.

This is a rural, desert area with few services. There is a Chevron truck stop just north of Interstate 10 at Exit 5. Ehrenberg is located four miles to the west at Exit 1, but also has only a Flying J truck stop and the Ehrenberg Mini-Mall which does have a laundromat, showers, and mailbox rentals. Quartzsite is about 13 miles to the east of Tom Wells Road on Interstate 10. Quartzsite has a small grocery store, and a number or restaurants and RV-related services. Blythe, California is about 11 miles west of Tom Wells Road, also on Interstate 10. Blythe has several grocery and department stores, as well as a number of restaurants. The nearest Walmart is in Parker, Arizona which is about 50 miles to the north via Interstate 10 and Arizona 95.


Take Interstate 10 to Exit 5, an then head south on Tom Wells Road. The road makes a 90-degree turn to the right, and then a 90-degree turn to the left, within the first quarter of a mile. The road crosses a cattle guard 0.2-0.25 miles from the Interstate exit and turns to dirt and gravel. There are numerous places to camp once you cross the cattle guard.


  1. Calvin Rittenhouse

    That would be a good place to spend a day or two for a minimalist like me. For example, I want to see the RTR and maybe the “big show” at Quartzsite, but I know either will have too many people for me. Tom Wells Road would give me a nice break.

    • Comment by post author

      Calvin, this spot would provide convenient camping if you wanted to escape the Quartzsite crowds. It is only 10-15 minutes from Q, and four miles from Ehrenberg if you want to access any of the services there.

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