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Casey Neistat, Anorexic Calendars, Patreon and Two Meander

Photo of KOKO Jack at Homestead Cottage on April 15, 2018

KOKO Jack at Homestead Cottage on April 15, 2018

What do Casey Neistat, Anorexic Calendars, Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon, and the co-creators of Two Meander, Robert Witham and Debra Dickinson, have in common?

(Disclaimer – none of these have anything to do with KOKO Jack or the photo of him above. Debra just likes the pic.)

So, let us explain. First, it starts with a review of Debra’s daily task list – which she might accomplish on perfect days (insert, LOL!) ……

  • Patreon Update
  • TM YT Episode –> FB & IG
  • DSD YT Vlog –> FB & IG
  • Write TM Blog Article
  • TM Comments & Emails
  • Post: IGx2, FBx3
  • Answer: YTx2, FBx4, IGx2, Emailsx3
  • Market (see rotation list, not attached here)
  • Update Spreadsheets – Travel, Financials, Meetups, Patreon
  • Write (content for next book)

Seriously, laughing out loud.

The Universe always gives us what we need. On a day when we were feeling overwhelmed, Casey Neistat published this video featuring Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon:

However, it’s Casey’s monologue in the first part of the video that was a profound message from the Universe for us that day. Whoever heard of an “anorexic calendar”? Absolutely brilliant – for ANYONE overbooked &/or overwhelmed for any reason, anywhere.

Now, what does all of that have to do with Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon, and Debra Dickinson and Robert Witham, co-creators of Two Meander? Did you know that we actually have a Patreon account?

We haven’t made an official announcement yet, because, well …. we’re overbooked, overwhelmed and behind on things. But we’ll get there because life is incredibly AWEmazingly AWEsome and AWE-inspiring and we are blessed. We know this. We believe, and we won’t give up. Hence, our mottos:

KOKO! Keep on keeping on, no matter what.

Stop Being Afraid! Live Your Dream.

We’ll get caught up and we are determined to make all avenues of Two Meander successful – our books, website, blog articles, merchandiseYT channels (Two Meander, Robert Witham, Debra Dickinson), etc.

Please consider joining us as a Patron and become a special part of our journey:

Click here to become a TWO MEANDER PATRON

We are grateful for our family, friends, viewers and readers. Thank you. Bless you.

Photo of Debra at desk hard at work using laptop

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