How to Sleep Warm With a Reflectix Sleeping Bag Liner

Photo: Reflectix liner in a sleeping bag

Staying warm at night is important not only for comfort, but also for safety. Hypothermia is a very real risk if you are sleeping in a cold environment without heat. Sleeping bags or warm blankets along with layers of warm clothing can make the difference between being comfortable and dangerously cold. As nomads, many of us travel with the weather to avoid extremes, but what do you do when the weather turns unexpectedly cold and your gear is not adequate? Continue reading “How to Sleep Warm With a Reflectix Sleeping Bag Liner”

How to Mentally Prepare for Living in a Vehicle

Photo: Camping at Keyhole State Park in Wyoming

Many people are embracing the shift to vehicle dwelling, whether this is out of necessity or desire. Sadly, for many it is economic necessity that forces them from their traditional home and into mobile living. Still, whether vehicle dwelling is adopted by choice or necessity, it has the potential to be a good life.

Despite the fact that vehicle dwelling can be a good experience, it can also he a difficult adjustment. This adjustment can be hard from a practical standpoint, but may be very hard mentally and emotionally.

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How to Establish a Legal State Residency (Domicile) as a Nomad

Photo: Campbell County Courthouse in Wyoming

One of the challenges that almost every nomad faces is where to call home. Of course, most vandwellers and travelers are happy to call wherever they happen to be home. After all, if you are a perpetual traveler and are set up somewhere in your car, van or RV, or if you are a backpacker and have all of your stuff with you, then anywhere can be considered home. Government agencies, however, tend to disagree with this perspective.

There are many nomads, including those who are new on the road and those who have been traveling for many years, who think that the only way to establish or maintain a “legal” address (domicile) is to break the law. Fortunately, this is not the case. In fact, not only is it possible to keep your residency status legal as a nomad, it can also save you considerable expense and trouble in the future.

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How to Live in a Car or Small Vehicle

Photo: Car camp in the Arizona desert

During the time that I lived out of a Toyota Camry, people often expressed incredulity that I was able to live in such a small vehicle. While this was not my first attempt at living out of a car, it was by far the longest period that I did so. It was also my most successful. (I am now living out of a minivan.)

People would often ask me if it was awful or how I did it living out of a Camry. The truth is that it was not a bad experience at all. To the contrary, I actually enjoyed the experience for the most part.

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How Debra Insulated a Cargo Van: Fast, Easy, Affordable, and Attractive

Photo of Cargo Van Insulation

Insulation is essential for most people who live in areas that are either very hot or very cold. This is just as true – if not more so – for RVers and van dwellers than for those who live in traditional housing. Vehicles without adequate insulation will become unbearably hot or cold, depending on the weather.

Most insulation tutorials for vehicle dwellers follow a similar approach – they approach the problem by insulation a vehicle much like a house. Wooden framing is built, insulation is installed against exterior walls, and (at least in more complete builds) paneling is installed on the interior side of the insulated wall.

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