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Episode 11-RTR 2018. Meet Mark and Irene in their 2014 Prolite 13 Trailer.

Photo of Episode 10 YouTube Thumbnail

We have communicated with Mark and Irene for quite some time, and it has been such a pleasure getting to camp with them and know them better. What sweethearts!

Photo of Mark and Irene
Photo of Mark and Irene at Little River Falls State Park, 9/20/16. Photo compliments of Mark Busha FB.

They are part-timers from Michigan, and we sure hope to make it there to see their beautiful home and land one day.

Photo of Mark's and Irene's Garden
Mark’s and Irene’s Garden in Michigan. Photo compliments of Mark Busha FB.

They pull their 2014 Prolite 13 trailer with their 2014 Ford Escape ECOboost FWD.

Photo of Ford Escape and Prolite Trailer
Upper Peninsula, MI, 9/26/2017. Photo compliments of Mark Busha FB.

I personally fell in love with their trailer.

Photo of Kitchen and Bed, Mark and Irene's Prolite Trailer.
Kitchen and Bed, Mark and Irene’s Prolite Trailer. Photo compliments of Mark.
Photo of Kitchen and Dining Room, Mark and Irene's Prolite Trailer.
Kitchen and Dining Room, Mark and Irene’s Prolite Trailer. Photo compliments of Mark.

The Prolite is an ultra light (around 1000 lbs.) travel trailer made in St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada by Roulottes Prolite, Inc. A quick run through the manufacturer’s website shows that there are currently 12 Prolite models available. If you are a research dweeb like me, you enjoy information like this, so I’m sharing.

Mark and Irene catalogue their adventures on YouTube. Just look at where all they’ve been!

Photo of Travel Map Filled In

Their channel name is, as you will learn or have seen in the video, Adventures with Jane. I’m not going to tell you how they came up with that name though. You have to watch the video, especially my blooper at the end.

When you subscribe to their channel, and please do, you will see the video tribute to their best and most wonderful friend, William.  They are heartbroken.

Photo of William the Cat
Photo of William, 2004-2018, the best and most wonderful friend of Mark and Irene.

You will see William in many of Mark’s and Irene’s videos. You will also see that on their walks William was always in a harness. They took great care of William and loved him dearly, but one night recently he slipped out without them realizing it. Every parent’s worst nightmare – furbaby or otherwise.

After searching, and searching, and searching for William, and even with the help of others (Rangers, campers, hosts, volunteers), they eventually had to move on. If he is found, they hope to hear from park employees, but what I can’t wrap my mind around, what my heart just can’t perceive, is how people can judge them in their darkest moment.

The cyber world can be a wicked place to hide or it can be a bright light of generous knowledge. I am proud of our wonderful viewers and readers who continually choose the light, and share love and knowledge. We have the best viewers and readers in the world! Thank you for the wonderful comments you have left Mark and Irene on our YouTube channel, FB and IG pages, as well as theirs.

William was last seen at Organ Pipe National Monument on January 6, 2018. If you visit there, please keep an eye out for this handsome, deeply loved boy. We all know it’s a long shot, but one never knows. So, if you see him, contact us at, or Mark and Irene directly, immediately.

Thank you all for being on this journey with us. We never know where our adventures will take us, or what tomorrow holds, but Robert and I remain truly grateful for the wonderful people we get to meet out here. Life is good, always, no matter what. It is up to us to keep walking each other home and keep on keeping on. KOKO!

NOTE: Here are some of the products mentioned or featured in the video —

Renogy 100 Watt Solar Panels

Camco Olympian Wave 3 Propane Heater

weBoost Directional Antenna

Camping Privacy Tent

And in case you missed it, here is the link to Mark and Irene’s YouTube channel: Adventures With Jane.


  1. Edith

    I’m so sorry about your cat. It really is a horrible thing to go through. I will keep my fingers crossed that someone will spot hip and get him back home.

  2. DB Bourgeois

    I know it’s not very likely, Debra, that William will be found, but there’s always a change no matter how slim. Nice trailer, though we didn’t get to meet Irene in the video, the photo of her and Mark is delightful. I hope you and Robert get to travel to Michigan, it’s a neat state. (watch several YTers from there).

    Hope all is going well for you at the RTR. Just saw the title of the newest vlog and I’m looking forward to seeing how you did.
    HUGZ ~db

    • Comment by post author

      I somehow missed this sweet comment my first time through DB. Thank you for your well wishes. Mark and Irene are heartbroken and I can only imagine that the hardest part is not knowing.

      We hope to make it to MI. I don’t think I’ve ever even been through there! Looking forward to it.

      Thank you for being here – on our blogs and YT. You rock!

  3. Regina McDonald

    I sure hope their furbaby William is found, they have to be devestated by the loss. Prayers for his safe recovery.

  4. Lyric

    Thank you for this. Really enjoy the pictures & the map, man they’ve visited a lot of our country!! Enjoying their channel also.

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