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Episode 20-Meet Alaska Jim

Often out here on the road, we are blessed to encounter the real deal … someone who travels to the beat of a different drum, lives differently, lives large and loves life. That’s Alaskan Jim. He was too camera shy to share much while recording, but we love sitting around campfires with him and hearing his Alaskan backcountry stories. The real deal, indeed. Plus he makes GREAT chili!

A Photo of Jim Hosting Chili Night
Jim Hosting Chili Night, 1/17/18 (Jim, Robert, Mark, Heidi, Tiki, Marc, Doria, Dan)

We first met Jim C. in January, 2017, in Ehrenberg where we were camped with a bunch of our friends awaiting the annual RTR, Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, hosted by Bob Wells, CRVL, Cheap RV Living.

You can see all of us in a video on my channel, published 1/5/17: “Pre-RTR Gathering before the 2017 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.”

We had a blast then, and as you can tell from the photos and videos, we enjoyed ourselves again this year. Jim has a cabin in the Alaskan Wilderness, and is a surveyor so he works in the backcountry a lot. He’s also run several teams of sled dogs in the past. Fortunately for us, he spends his winters in Arizona and we got to see him again this year.
Photo of Jim's Log Cabin in Alaskan Backcountry
Jim’s Log Cabin in Alaskan Backcountry
 He and Robert stay in touch throughout the year, and it felt like old home week when we all got together again.
Photo of Jim and Robert
Robert and Jim visiting, 1/18/18.
We really mean it when we say that you make lifelong friends out here. It’s also true that “they come and they go.” We may not see each other for quite awhile, but once we do, we usually all pick right back up where we left off.
There were new faces this year, and we missed those that couldn’t make it or that we didn’t get to see. When I looked at the photos to create this article, I was surprised to see that there were 6 friends from last year that joined us in our camp again this year (Jim C, Roxy, Dan & Doria, Jim & Shannone), plus 6 new friends (Tiki, Mark & Heidi, Melanie, Mark & Irene), and there were 6 from last year that aren’t in the photos this year. Some were camped nearby and we just kept missing each other (Suanne & Terri), but the others didn’t make it to the RTR this year (Brian & Cindy, Marcia, Colvin). You can see all of them in the 1/5/17 video linked above. We missed you guys!
Photo of Friends in Camp, 1/14/18
Friends in Camp, 1/14/18 (Jim, Shannone, Jim, Mark, Tiki, Dan, Doria, Roxy, Irene, Mark, Robert)
My tribe was worried I would be alone out here. This is my 3rd winter, and my circle keeps growing. So does Robert’s. Life is good, always, no matter what. KOKO!
Jim’s Northstar Laredo SC and Dodge Ram 3500:

Truck Camper Photos Compliments of Roxy Whalley:

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  1. Leslie

    I love hearing about the new friendships that are made on the road, and the “old” ones that get reunited along the way!

  2. Pat

    I always come back to read your “Backstory”. So informative never miss a read. I wish your friend Jim would share some of his wilderness stories. You should record them and then share. I’m sure others would love to hear his stories. Take care and have a productive day. ???

    • Comment by post author

      Thank you so much for these kind words, Pat! We agree that it would be great if Jim would let us record some of his stories. He evidently is a little too camera shy for that so we are thinking of maybe getting him to tell us one in narrative style and we’ll share it as a written story. If so, we will add it here as a Post Publication Notice somehow. He is also going to send us a couple of pics of the interior of his truck camper. We should have thought of all that sooner – new channel learning curve, lol. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

  3. DB Bourgeois

    Alaskan Jim’s camp is a nice cozy interior. it’s perfect for one person. Thanks for posting the photos. ~db

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