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Episode 28-Icy Winter Storms. Running from Panhandlers. Leaving Town at Midnight

Photo of Debra and Robert

For those who aren’t on FB or IG, this article is a list of what we shared in our 2 days of travel.

But first, please be sure you’ve watched the video.

We left Wyoming Monday, February 5, and drove through 12+ hours of icy winter storms.

We were going to rest awhile the next morning and get some work done but decided to head out after being approached by aggressive panhandlers.

Then we made it to what we thought was our destination the next night, Tuesday, February 6 – at midnight! Only to find out there was no room at the inn – or anywhere for that matter. So we drove another two hours to surprise our friends Mark and Irene, and camp with them before they headed out.

Two VERY long days, but we had fun. Here’s our live blogs from social media that covered the two days in detail.

February 5, 2:13PM
And we’re off! Heading south. Come on sunshine!!
Pops tells 3yo Kenzie, “We’ll be back in time for your birthday, when the snow melts and the Robins come back.” Her response, “For cake?”
??parts of our hearts left behind??


Photo of Debra and Robert

February 5, 2:29PM at Hank’s Roadside Bar & Grill.
Debra needed a new Wyoming hat for the road trip!

Photo of Debra in New Hat

February 5, 3:24PM
For Bethany, Robert’s sister.

Photo of Snow and Sun

February 5, 3:52PM
We meander at different temps, evidently. Lol.

February 5, 4:17PM
Anyhoo, 75 miles later, we stop to get some hot coffee. The cashier wants to know if Debra is going to pay for the hat. “Oh, no. We got that in Wright.” The clerk’s response? “Well you still have the tag on it.”
(She asked Debra to hand her the hat & proceeded to cut the tags off.)

Close up Photo of Debra in New Hat

February 5, 6:44PM
When traveling in freezing temps with snow and ice on the road and winds howling, it sure is nice to have things like a 12V blanket. Thank you Pamela B, one of our wonderful YT viewers!

Debra holding 12 volt blanket

February 5, 2:29PM at Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center.

That is an ominous looking rest area, she said. Leave it to the fiction writer!

Quick poll everyone. Should this ominous rest area feature in Debra’s next book?

Photo of Rest Stop at Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center

February 5, 9:46PM
Whew! Made it out of the snow and ice finally. That was positively terrifying for a while with nowhere to stop, but all those years of driving in that stuff paid off for Robert. Changed drivers so Robert can enjoy some blood flowing to his legs again. Left Gillette at 10 degrees (-1 wind chill) and now it is warm enough that the ice is starting to melt off the van. Onward we go!

Side Note: Only we were mistaken. The snow and ice began again with a vengeance. This is what the van looked like when we finally stopped on the other side of the storm … 3 hours later!!

Photo 1 of Ice on Van
Photo 2 of Ice on Van

February 6, 12:50PM
Fancy Free is all clean now. She was caked in snow, ice and even sand from the plow trucks. Wowza!


Photo of Debra washing Fancy Free
Photo of a clean Fancy Free

February 6, 2:50PM
Quick break. Taking time to say hi to everybody!


Photo of Robert and Debra in front of Indian Center

Then, we finally made it to Winslow, Arizona – together.  On my maiden voyage in October 2015, on my way to meet Bob Wells in Flagstaff, AZ, my tribe told me I had to stop in Winslow and stand on the corner. LOL. I got there late in the evening and as a vandwelling newbie was too intimidated to actually get out of my van so I took a picture of me sitting in my van on a corner. Hahah. I’m not sure that counted, so it was quite fun to go there now and walk around and realize how far this journey has brought me. Robert went to Winslow last summer after missing it the year before because he went through in the middle of the night on the way to his son’s wedding in Tucson. So he knew where the photo ops were. This was fun to get to do this together, but we’ll have to go back again when the wind isn’t blowing us off the sidewalk, literally.

February 6, 2:50PM, Standin On The Corner.

It’s a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowing down to take a look at me!

Photo of Debra by Flat Bed Ford
February 6, 4:55PM

Yep. We did that.


Photo of Debra and Robert Standing On A Corner in Winslow Arizona

From Winslow we drove to Wickenburg, Arizona. We usually land wherever we are going to camp before dark, but so many of our friends had told us about Wickenburg and all the wonderful places to camp that we weren’t too concerned about it. We had decided to stay in a campground located in the city so we didn’t think “finding” a spot would be difficult. Boy, were we wrong!

Turns out it was Gold Rush Days, one of the largest annual events in the entire state! There wasn’t a campsite or a hotel room or even readily available sites on the nearby BLM lands. We ended up driving, at midnight, another 1-1/2 hours to our beloved Saddle Mountain in Tonopah, AZ. We parked near our friends, Mark and Irene, and surprised them the next morning with a text, “Howdy Neighbor!”

Life is good out here. See you down the road!

Photo of Saddle Mountain Range
Photo of Saddle Mountain
Photo of Occatillo in front of Saddle Mountain


  1. db bourgeois

    Quite the adventure. ~db

  2. VeeJay

    Loved this. Racing or escaping weather, driving late for that a safe spot to park, and spooky reststops are things we can all relate to, and, survive and remember. To experience them all in one trip.. a wow and shows real KOKO! I hope you will expand on those subjects individually. .nPS. Is Robert growing back his beard? If so I would like to give a thumb up.

    • Comment by post author

      Hi VeeJay! Thank you! So good to hear from you dear friend. Yes, it was a beast of a trip, but we also had great fun! Es una adventura! LOL. He is indeed growing his beard back, and I completely agree! I like it (trimmed though, lol). I bought the wrong razor last time. Doh me. HugZ to you!

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