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Episode 3-Desert Rain. Bea and Chet’s Home. Rx Finally!

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This is my 3rd winter as a nomad, and I learned early on it is not a good idea to find a camp or return to camp after dark, especially in the desert. So when Walmart wanted 5 hours to fill my prescriptions, after a long day at the hospital, that just wasn’t feasible. Our drive back to camp alone was an hour. That would have put us back at our campsite way past dark.

So, we headed out early the following morning to get my meds. At the time of this writing, it has now been 3 challenging mornings in a row.

1st morning, 1/8/18, Episode 2 – an early morning ride to the hospital . . . after waking up in writhing pain at 4:30A.

2nd morning, 1/9/18, Episode 3 – a 2nd trip to Parker to get my meds . . . after waking up at 3A to pass a kidney stone.

After that horrific ordeal, I felt better for awhile. Hence the big smile in the video thumbnail. We had a good time in Parker, other than when they told me at the Walmart Pharmacy that they needed another 2 hours to fill my prescriptions. “Check back,” they said.

Uh, no. Give me my meds. And as you know from the video, they did.

Since I was feeling better, thinking the last of it was behind me after I passed the kidney stone, we stopped by to see our good friends Chet and Bea. Isn’t their home absolutely lovely (click to see video at top of article)?!?

Since it was raining, we had to park on the road and walk to their campsite. Just under the surface of the desert rocks, lies sand that turns to thick clay mud when wet. We weren’t taking any chances on getting stuck.

At the end of another long day, we made it home. The rest is in the video. I wish I could bottle the fragrance of the desert for you after a nice rain though. Absolutely heavenly.

Then …

3rd morning, 1/10/18 (no associated video) – I passed a 2nd kidney stone. I didn’t scream with this one, but I cried so hard my nose plugged up and my throat has been raw all day. AND, I really do think that was the last of it. I can just tell. So now I heal.

And catch up on our channel. The timing wasn’t exactly great. Start a new business venture with a partner and then go to the hospital on launch day. That’s not how that was supposed to go. LOL.

Info on Kidney Stones (typically caused by diet, lack of hydration and/or genetics).

Info on UTI (typically caused by outside bacteria getting in).

But what has been lovely . . . What has been inspiring to me is that our viewers have shown up in droves to support us. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone. You make me look forward to morning 4.

Photo of Robert and Debra in front of Early Bird Coffee Shop, Parker Arizona
We love this restaurant. Early Bird Coffee Shop. 904 S California Ave, Parker AZ
Photo of Debra and Robert inside Early Bird Coffee Shop
You can tell we really like the Early Bird Coffee Shop.


  1. MaryJayne

    Keep drinking the cranberry juice that will help you heal as well. I love your new channel with the collaboration of two of my friends. However, I like this blog too. It takes me to your new videos faster than my YouTube subscription does. Well done. KOKO my friends.

  2. Nanci Martinson

    Debra glad your feeling better and I will be sending you a quarts necklace as soon as my order arrives I will send it to the address on your blog. Stay happy and blessed??

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