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Episode 7-2018 RTR Mini Tour and Overview

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Robert did such an AWEmazing job with this video. Thank you, Robert for representing Two Meander so well. And thank you too for having the vision to take us beyond being “youtubers”.

To our wonderful readers and viewers:

Here’s the deal. Since the beginning, when we started our individual channels more than a year ago, Robert has said from day one that he would not be satisfied with just throwing up videos (tongue in cheek there). In addition to working 50-60 hours/week as a freelance videographer and writer, he also spends countless hours educating himself on industry standards and learning new techniques. His goal is to always raise the bar on quality and content. And I might be a bit biased, but I believe he succeeds at that. Wildly.

The drone used in this footage is on loan from one of his clients. Another testament to Robert. I’m guessing that his client would not have handed him a DJI Mavic Pro drone ( if he was not certain of Robert’s integrity in taking care of it – and in getting good footage. I can’t help but smile because I’m talking about my business partner here. How lucky am I?

By the way, at the end of the video, where you see us laughing? That’s because Robert was looking at the controls (seeing what the drone was seeing – me), and almost boinked his head with it. LOL, literally!

Photo of Robert flying drone
Robert Bringing the Drone Home.

I have left camp only once since the RTR started, and that was when Robert and I scoped out a place for our Viewer Appreciation Meetup. Which by the way, will be on Wednesday, January 18, 2018, in a day use area. If you are at the RTR and interested in attending, please email us and we’ll send you the location, complete with pics, coordinates and a link to Google maps:

Except for departure day, I will leave camp only once more, and that is to meet our wonderful viewers at our appreciation meetup. The first year I was 1/4 mile away from the epicenter. The 2nd year I was 1/2 mile away. This year, we are approximately a mile out.

Which unfortunately means I’m not able to attend the classes or walk around and see my friends like I did last year. And for those of you who are new to Two Meander, I am disabled with a traumatic brain injury. I choose to look at myself as a TBI Thriver however. I can look at all the limitations imposed on me because of my TBI or I can focus on the gifts I have – great friends, great views, awesome campfires with awesome people, and I still get to do things like “sort of attend” the annual RTR and meet new people. Maybe it’s not the way I would like for that to happen, or as easy as it could be, nor is it as often as I would like, but I have an AWEmazing life and I choose to focus on that.

While I am writing this article, Robert is at the main gathering and has texted me the names of some of the people that ask about me and send their love. For just a moment, when the texts pop up, I feel deflated and sad that I cannot be there. I miss everyone! Then I remember what I just wrote in the previous paragraph, count my blessings (literally), say a prayer of gratitude and look forward to the times when I can be around peeps and give and get love. Perspective.

So, with that, you get to enjoy Robert’s soothing, melodic voice as he narrates the clips in this Episode 7 video. Many of you have requested we not lose that style anyway. No worries. As you can see, his voice, thoughts, philosophy and narration are here to stay. And once again, I am grateful.

Also, thank you, Tiki, for giving us the G6plus wireless bluetooth headphones WITH microphone ( that allowed Robert to narrate this video. See? We are too blessed for me to spend time focusing on anything less.

Speaking of equipment … there have been several comments lately about my voice. Evidently Robert and I continue to be the “odd collaborators” (grin). While everyone loves his voice, it seems some find mine to be, well … less than appealing. I will work on that. In the meantime, understand too please that as our channel grows so will our ability to produce better videos.

We’ll be able to get better mics – which is part of why I raise my voice. It’s a fine line between speaking up so that the audio registers vs. spiking the range. Plus, as mentioned, Robert and I have completely different speaking volumes. There is only so much he can do in post production to correct that. Better software will also help with that. And who knows, maybe one day (no, scratch that) … one day we WILL have our own drone (a very, very small and extremely quiet one, lol), and that too will improve our channel. We’ll get there.

In the meantime, I’m proud to be a partner with someone who works so hard, and who visions for us a videography and multimedia business.  This is definitely not a hobby, and our efforts are definitely a work in progress. And, we can’t do it without you. We mean it when we say to each of you, “Thank you for being here with us on this journey.”

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Special Note about the RTR

I’ve heard from several people that the camp host is reporting 2500-3000 people in attendance at the RTR. He may be right, but . . .


In the 30 minutes that we were at his table getting our permit, he was swamped – unable to look up, let alone get a count or do any kind of tracking. Plus, there is no official capture on record of campsite location – not by him and not by BLM. That station distributes permits for a vast 14-day LTVA area as well as ALL of Mitchell Mine Road and Scadden Wash camping. He is not, cannot, and does not track who goes where once they register.

For an official RTR count, you may want to rely on Bob’s information only. He has people out counting routinely and is also coordinating numbers with BLM. It is my understanding that at this time, Bob’s estimate on opening day was 1,500. At that time BLM projected 2,500.

ROLLING UPDATES: The official account as of 1/4/18 did indeed reach 2,500. As of 1/15/18, BLM states that their “conservative” estimate for attendees is 3,000. Bob’s estimate based on numerous counts at this time is 3,500-4,000.

Continue to check with him and/or watch his channel to get official updates.

See you down the road!


  1. DB Bourgeois

    That tidbit about the camp host not really being able to keep a count is good to know. That area is huge and I’ve seen on other videos evidence of other groups in the area. For all anyone really knows there’s 1500 to 2000 attending. Hope the RTR staff will be able to get a close number. It’s going to be interesting to see how many were in attendance when this ends. HUGZ ~db

    • Comment by post author

      We’re glad you found that information helpful DB. As it turns out, Bob is indeed reporting 2500 as of today. I have updated my article, but again, he is the only source I would trust for official numbers. I agree – looking forward to the final count.

  2. MaryJayne

    Once again, even though I have subscribed to your new channel, I am getting to your new videos first via your blog posts. Thank you for taking the time to provide the backstory. I love your Texas accent, so I wouldn’t put much salt in the negative comments about your voice. As time and finances allow you will be getting mics that reduce the need for you to use your teacher voice. ? blessings to both you and Robert. Enjoy as much as you can.

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