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How Debra Insulated a Cargo Van: Fast, Easy, Affordable, and Attractive

Photo of Cargo Van Insulation

Photo of Debra's Cargo Van Insulation

Insulation is essential for most people who live in areas that are either very hot or very cold. This is just as true – if not more so – for RVers and van dwellers than for those who live in traditional housing. Vehicles without adequate insulation will become unbearably hot or cold, depending on the weather.

Most insulation tutorials for vehicle dwellers follow a similar approach – they approach the problem by insulation a vehicle much like a house. Wooden framing is built, insulation is installed against exterior walls, and (at least in more complete builds) paneling is installed on the interior side of the insulated wall.

Debra needed to insulate her cargo van, but did want to lose critical inches to an insulated wall. She also did not want to make it into an unnecessarily complicated project. Debra came up with a simple and attractive idea for insulating her cargo van. It has performed beautifully for her, even though many people told her it would not work.

You can see a tour of Debra’s van insulation, as well as how you can do something similar, in the video below. It is worth watching this video, even if you plan to do something different, just so you can see how simple it can be to insulate a van.


  1. Edie

    I like this build! All the construction builds I’ve seen just overwhelm me. This I could do! Thx! And best wishes!

  2. Joanna Chanin

    Beautiful job.

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