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Hueco Tanks Texas State Park-AWEmazing Rock Climbers and Ancient Rock Art

A group of climbers getting ready. Sam is on the wall in the background.

Photo of Brian Debra and Tony at Aguirre Springs
Brian, Debra and Tony at Aguirre Springs campground, New Mexico.

You might recall our stay at Aguirre Springs Camgpround near Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.  We had a wonderful time, completed a death march hike, and met AWEmazing people (pictured above).

When we shared with Brian that we were headed to Texas next, he gave us a couple of places to consider – one of them being Hueco Tanks. Thanks Brian!

We were only there two nights and took over 100 photos and clips! What a nightmare it was for Robert to edit, but it was so worth it! We had planned to stay longer, but something came up and we had to shuffle our schedule. Can you imagine how much footage we would have had to cull and organize if we had not left so soon!

The sunsets were gorgeous.

Photo of Hueco Tanks Sunset
The night view from our campsite.

But the thing that struck us most was the extraordinary effort that the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is putting in to maintaining the sacred grounds of Hueco Tanks.

We won’t get in to the travesty and atrocities committed against the indigenous Indians of this country. It is criminal, and one of the blights of American History, but it was heartwarming to see the work, time, and money going in to preserving what is left of this sacred land.


Photo of Graffiti 1
Photo of Graffiti by Myra Jones
Myra Jones, shame on you.
Photo of Graffiti by Hattie Latham of Ysleta.
Hattie Latham of Ysleta, shame on you.
Photo of Graffiti 4

True indigenous ancient rock art is known as pictographs or petroglyphs.

Photo of Ancient Rock Art 1
Photo of Ancient Art Work 2
Photo of Ancient Art Work 3
Photo of Ancient Art Work 3
Photo of Ancient Art Work 3
Robert, admiring Ancient Rock Art

The plants and rocks were also beautiful!

Photos of Plants and Rocks 1
Photos of Plants and Rocks 2
Photo of Robert taking macro photo
The photo Robert is shooting here is featured in our Hueco Tanks video.

Everywhere we looked, the view was spectacular! (Click on any pic and scroll through for larger views.)

And last, but certainly not least, are the climbers of Hueco Tanks. Wow, oh wow. They come from all over the world and from what we witnessed, are very respectful of the land on which they tread. In peak season, they have to wait sometimes 2 or 3 days to get their chance to climb here because the park limits how many visitors are on-site at any given time. During our stay, the wait was only a few hours. As one group leaves, they let staff at the park office know, and the next group gets in. Overnight campers go to the front of the line ….. IF you get there early enough.

The following climbers are featured in our Huecos Tank video. Please go there and give them a shout out, and share that video. It is AWEmazing to watch them scale the mountain with sheer strength.

Photo of the Chain Link Trail
I had to use the chain of the ‘Chain Link Trail’ – going up and coming down, but Robert didn’t. And of course the climbers didn’t.
Photos of climber, Natalie.
Natalie was our first climber to meet. She showed us the “hidden” rock art. Thank you Natalie!
Photo of Patrick from Alaska
This is Patrick from Alaska conquering a V-Point. Be sure to watch his feat in the video.
Photo of group of climbers getting ready.
A group of climbers getting ready. Sam is on the wall in the background.


  1. Calvin Rittenhouse

    Thank you for the beautiful, layered sunset!

    I am glad that Texas is working to preserve the history of this place. I had no idea it existed the one time I’ve been close by, following US 62 back toward Ohio. Depending on my health and other factors, there’s a good chance I’ll be close enough to visit there sometime in the next year, so it’s good to know about the State Park.

  2. DB Bourgeois

    Wow, oh WOW! Amazing area. The photographs are gorgeous. I can see why you ended up with 100s of photos and video. ~db

    • Comment by post author

      Thank you, DB! At 100/day, we joked that it was probably a good thing we weren’t staying longer. LOL. We look forward to going back though and exploring this AWEmazing place even more. We’ll just have to hold our camera trigger finger back. ;))

  3. meri dian

    the sunset photo (night view from our campsite) looks surreal. beautiful photos!

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