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Interview With Robert’s Parents About Their Jayco Redhawk RV Experience

Photo: Robert and Debra with Robert's parents

Robert and Debra with Robert's parents in their Jayco Redhawk Class C

During my previous career a journalist I interviewed countless people about any number of subjects, but in April we sat down with my parents to talk about their experience RVing in their Jayco Redhawk Class C. Perhaps not surprisingly, the conversation also included some family stories – some about me. Debra was more than happy to keep those threads going…

People are often surprised to learn that I am an introvert given my careers as a journalist and now as a videographer and YouTube creator. While it is true that I am an introvert, I also come from a line of entertainers and do enjoy being comedic. The interview video demonstrates some of that family history.

In this video, my parents talk about their experience with several camping trailers as well as their decision to purchase a motor home. We do provide a brief mini-tour of their Jayco Class C, but most of the video focuses on their experiences with camping and RVing and their plans to eventually become snowbirds. Of course, we will be happy to show them some great winter camping in Arizona.

Photo: Robert's grandparents performing in NH
Dusty Cal and Bonnie Louise performing in Manchester NHB

We also talk in this video about my grandparents, Cal and Bonnie (aka Dusty Cal and Bonnie Louise). My grandparents were professional entertainers and country music performers before entering the ministry. During their later careers, they focused their efforts on Christian ministry but never abandoned their comedic routines. They are still well known throughout New England.

Robert’s parents also arrived with an old school yearbook from the 1980s. Debra was thrilled to see these photos from Robert’s childhood. We share a sample of these old yearbook photos in the video as well.

We hope that you enjoy this video and the “behind the scenes” details. The video even includes a live performance of an original song by my father, Jay Witham, of “Just A Cowboy And His Guitar.”

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  1. Edith Northam

    OMGoodness! What a beautiful video with Robert’s parents!!
    Loved the visit. LOVED the yodeling at the Dad use to do that. He’s gone. But, boy! It brought back memories.

    Thank you Robert & Debra and Jay & Linda!

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