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We love meeting our viewers and readers! Since we travel full-time, and our viewers and readers have their own busy schedules, it is often difficult to coordinate meeting people. The best solution we have found is to host periodic meetups.

Our annual Two Meander Meetup (TMM) is held each December in Quartzsite, Arizona. Why Quartzsite? Simply because so many nomads are already in that area during the winter months. We also host “mini meetups” during the year in various locations so that we can meet those who do not spend the winter in the southwest desert area.

Annual Two Meander Meetup

The 2019 Two Meander Meetup will be our third annual gathering. The event has grown considerably, but is still small enough that most people find it manageable and personal. Many long-term friendships and travel partnerships have been formed at the annual Two Meander Meetup.

2019 Two Meander Meetup

  • Dates: Sunday, December 8 through Thursday, December 12, 2019 (starts and ends at noon).
  • Location: Rice Ranch, 55 E. Kuehn St, Quartzsite, Arizona.
  • Cost: Dry Dock – $5 per night, Electric – $17 per night, FHU – $30 per night. (All prices include a group discount for the Two Meander Meetup and will apply for early arrivals and late departures.)
  • Reservations: Do not call the Rice Ranch office to reserve a site. Reservations are not needed. Please do however consider filling out a short RSVP survey to help us better plan for this event.
  • Amenities: Restrooms, dumpster, hookups if desired, walking distance to vendors.
  • Activities: Informational seminars, nightly fire pit social, vendor walk, vendor food tour, anything else is to be determined. This is a low-key, informal gathering.

We will have sections marked off for the main gathering area, tent campers, dry dock camping, hookup camping, handicapped participants, and those running generators. These designated sections are important to keep the event running smoothly, to make sure that everyone has a positive experience, and to safeguard the needs of those with disabilities or limitations.

Rig Tours

We were blessed to have many people offer tours of their rigs that we were able to film and are still sharing as of this summer. Once again, we hope to record some rig tours, but we may arrange to do some after the meetup at a nearby boondocking location. Please let us know when you arrive if you would like to share your mobile living setup in a video rig tour!

Please contact us at with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

RSVP (Optional)

Last year we asked people to optionally email or let us know in comments if they planned to attend the meetup to facilitate planning. Unfortunately, we found this approach difficult to track.

This year we have created a voluntary RSVP survey using Google Forms to help gauge interest in the meetup. Please consider completing this short survey if you don’t mind.

Complete RSVP Survey

Mini Meetups

Since many viewers and readers do not spend winter in the southwest desert and are not able to travel to Quartzsite for our annual Two Meander Meetup, we also try to host several mini meetups at various locations during the year. (See the links below for previous meetups.)

Gillette, Wyoming – August 12, 2019

Robert is based out of Gillette, Wyoming where his children and grandchildren live, and so he spends each summer passing through Gillette between various adventures. Debra is joining Robert in Gillette again for part of this summer. We will be hosting a mini meetup here in August for any viewers or readers who are in the area.

  • Date: Monday, August 12, 2019 from 4pm until 8 pm
  • Location: Edwards Pavilion at Dalbey Park, Gillette, WY
  • Cost: Free
  • Reservations: No
  • Amenities: Picnic tables and shelter, public restrooms, trash cans, walking trail
  • Activities: Informal meetup

Please contact us at with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Previous Meetups

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