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Photo of Debra and Robert on a Picnic

Robert and I have both been on the road as fulltime travelers since 2015. We met on Friday, May 27, 2016. If you look closely at our Two Meander logo, including our circle sticker, you will see that Robert included 2016 on it even though we did not start Two Meander until January, 2018. I find that to be very touching, even romantic. Thank you, Robert.

Why the history lesson, or stroll down memory lane? I guess because we realize we woudn’t have the life we enjoy today without our Two Meander family. And even though most of you joined us over this previous year, the foundation was being built way before then. You join a love of travel, and a couple in love, that precedes Two Meander. As corny as it sounds (and Robert will probably grimace when he reads this prose), Two Meander is our baby and each of you are our family. We have grown so close to many of you that you literally are family members of the heart. Regardless, the Two Meander family is closing in on 6,000 strong.

In many ways we thought our YT channel and our business would be much larger than that by now, and in so many other ways, we sit back and reflect and are in awe that so many people are on this journey with us. There is no way we could have known what would become of us both being at a cookout hosted by Bob Wells that fateful day in May of 2016. We are truly thrilled and grateful that you are on this journey with us. We look a little different than we did back then.

We were fast friends from the start, and our Two Meander family began that summer. This photo was taken by our friend, Marcia. You met her when I interviewed 10 women at the 2017 RTR. Those interviews included many that we consider part of our road family. Many who you know through other channels, and several who are no longer on the road.

In fact, I’ll get this paragraph over with … Marcia and Cindy, I miss you. They no longer travel due to health issues. Stephen, the chief cook the day Robert and I met, has since passed. As has my friend, Fred. I loved Fred and think of him often. I wish he could have met Robert, and vice versa. Wayne is another fellow traveler that is no longer with us. There are several over the last few years that are no longer here on earth – some we knew only in passing, but they are mourned and missed. There were many others we camped with that summer – Dan and Doria, who we still camp with and see from time to time, Brian – who did my van build 2 years ago in Houston, Terry – who helped Bob with his van build, Judy, Jamie, Diane and the list goes on. There is a saying out here, “They come, and they go.” It is true and sometimes literal.

We took the next two photos the day Robert and I went scouting for a new campsite for most of the friends listed above. The 2016 summer RTR ended abruptly and a bunch of us chose to go find our own site. I knew the area better than most so Robert and I took off to find a place that would accomodate all of us. As you can tell we did a little detour, lol. In fact, it was at the next campsite that Terry, Dan and Brian installed my solenoid system that Bob featured on his channel.

So good to see my Nonnikins and Bentleypoo in this photo!

You could say the rest is history. But that would be short-changing so many. We brought in the 2017 New Year in Yuma with friends that are still part of the ever-expanding Two Meander family – Scott & Yolie, Dan & Doria, Steven & Darlene, and others I know I’m probably missing.

There’s Jim & Shannone, Roxy, Melanie &Jim, Greg & Val, Mark and Heidi, Tiki, Paul, Alan and oh so many others. On Facebook, just this morning, I posted the following:

“Stole this pic from my friend, VeeJay Flannery. ? (Thank you for posting VeeJay). It is from the very first time I met VeeJay and Suanne Carlson in 2015. The white van in front is Bob Wells. What a year that was! The very first people I met and camped with on the road was Linda May and LaVonne Ellis. Then I traveled with Bob for four months after being introduced to him by our mutual friend and one of my longtime besties, Glenn Morrissette. Along the way I met and camped with these beautiful people, including Kyndal and Jamie Dimon. I learned the best from the best. Nomad giants. Each in my heart and with me still, every day. I am blessed and so grateful. ?? I will be posting an article today on our Two Meander website about this community and our nomad family. I love you all. ❤️”

All of them now, still, part of the Two Meander family. In many ways 2015 seems like yesterday and in others it feels like light years away. So much has changed. So much will never be the same again. And … and … I can hardly wait to see what 2019 and beyond brings. I truly have people in my life now that I consider soul sisters, and so so many others I can genuinely call friends – not just in passing, not just fair weather friends, but true friends. A lot of you have already been mentioned and I am going to list others (in no particular order), but I know I will forget some so please forgive me in advance and leave me a comment below, AND KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU, even if my brain is not playing fair …

Joan, Linda, Sandy, Gina & Jeff, Sue, Lisa & Spencer, Chuck and Lettie, Mary Jayne, Carol, Colleen, Patricia, Bonnie, Tina, Steven, Randy & Kimber, Dan, Giselle, Patty, Lynn, George and Terry, Jack and Teresia, on and on, almost infinitum. We are so blessed. All of you have come in to our lives as Two Meander family. And then there’s my original tribe (again, some of whom have already been mentioned) that have supported us and loved us the entire way …

… my tribe – some family and many close friends, and Robert’s family and friends. Our Two Meander family have met most of them on video, chats and articles. We are loved and love each one of you right back.

I’ll say it again. It has been an AWEmazing journey. One that is really just beginning as we have rounded the one year corner as partners – as a couple and in business. But Two Meander is much more than that. Two Meander is not just Robert and Debra. Two Meander is a family. And that family is you. And we are growing. Thank you to each of you that are helping us expand Two Meander. We are grateful. We love you! Namaste!

2018 TMM – Two Meander Meetup at Rice Ranch

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