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What You Need to Know About Pahrump, Nevada as a Snowbird or Nomad

Photo: Pahrump Welcome Sign

Welcome to Pahrump, Nevada

Pahrump, Nevada, located about 60 miles west of Las Vegas, is a popular spring and fall destination for snowbirds and nomads. Nevada, for its part, is also becoming increasingly popular with nomads as a domicile state thanks to its lack of income tax.

There are plenty of RV parks in and around Pahrump, as well as abundant boondocking on BLM land around Nye County. It is not always the easiest place to find nomad-friendly services though. We have been coming here for around three years now and wanted to share what we have learned with anyone else who may be visiting Pahrump.

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The business listings below include a website link whenever possible. All addresses include a link to Google Maps for easy navigation.

RV/Auto Repair



There are multiple gas stations around Pahrump, including many along Highway 160. There are not any Flying J, Pilot, or Love’s truck stops, however.


There are multiple restaurants and fast food places in Pahrump. Many are located along Highway 160.


There are several casinos in Pahrump, along with a number of businesses that have gaming.


There are multiple self-serve, filtered water vending stations in Pahrump. A number of these water stations may be found along Highway 160.

  • Liberty Ice Works, 171-2 S Frontage Road (20-25 cents/gallon) – Water and ice, helpful staff inside store if you need change (Google Maps)
  • Kiosk near Smith’s – (20-25 cents/gallon) (Google Maps)
  • Glacier Water at Smith’s, 601 S. Highway 160 – (20-25 cents/gallon) (Google Maps)
  • Glacier Water at Albertson’s, 200 S. Highway 160 – (20-25 cents/gallon) (Google Maps)
  • Walmart – 300 S. Highway 160 (39 cents/gallon) (Google Maps)

Hardware Stores

Trash & Recyling


There are a number of retail stores that offer propane cylinder exchanges in Pahrump. The AmeriGas location is one place where you are able to have your own cylinders refilled.


We have only found one laundromat in Pahrump.

Car Wash

There are several car washes in Pahrump. One that we have used is Pahrump Wash because it is easy to access and has high bays for RVs and campers.


Mail & Packages

Pahrump has a U.S. Post Office location as well as with several mail forwarding/package receiving services.

CIty Parks



We hope that this list is helpful if you are not already familiar with the services in Pahrump, but plan to visit soon.

Have you already visited Pahrump? If so, what are your favorite places in Pahrump? What are your favorite places for spring and fall stops while migrating to and from snowbird destinations.

POST UPDATE (from YT viewer Gina Clagg):
Soooo glad you mentioned the museum. I love that place it and not many folks know about it. The other things to do there are the the family owned Wineries, (just beautiful) and that new Spring Mountain Lake and Racetrack. They have a corvette race track and you can also rent jet packs there. My favorite place to eat is Mountain Springs Saloon. It’s on top of the mountain on 160 between Vegas and Pahrump. They have an outdoor area behind the saloon where you can order food. Oh my yummmmm!! Dress warm though. Seating is outside And it gets chilly up there. On the seedier side of town, there are brothel tours…that’s all I’m gonna say about that.??


  1. Joan Jensen

    This is a very good post Robert. As always, You give all the information someone might need.

    • Comment by post author

      Thank you, Joan! We really wanted to be helpful with this video and article. Originally we planned to put all the info in the video, but decided it would be too cumbersome so we put the overview in the video and the nitty gritty here in written form. Probably easier for folks to reference things this way too.

  2. Bonnie

    AND the hometown of radio personality Art Bell from Coast to Coast. I often listened to his all night radio programs where controversial subjects were discussed: Area 51; UFOs; military mysteries and more. Sadly, he passed away In April 2018 from an accidental overdose of medication. He was a gem. I do miss him. I think some of his programs are available online.

  3. Noreen N

    What a great article, should be very helpful especially for folks new to the area.

  4. Marilyn d

    Excellent post. You did a tremendous report.

  5. Rochelle carras

    Debra and Robert, you have made my life so much easier being the scaredy cat that I am..I’m doing this life out of necessity, I’m doing it to save myself from to much to talk about on public post..I need a break from my life in the worst way and I can not wait until I’m driving away..Just want to thank you both for what you put out there that helps tremendously, I just adore people like yourselves and its been a blessing to have come across you Debra..I had a Basal ganglia stroke on the right side of my brain due to stress dealing with an adult son with mental health challenges…Thank you for making things so much more better and easier to understand..I know where I’m heading finally for a little solace,Rochelle(Shelly)

  6. Great Job Robert! Thanks!

  7. Tere Drake Proctor

    Greetings Debra and Robert! I sure do appreciate y’all and your multitude of fantastic info. I’ve emailed Spence just now for some RV support. I began watching via YouTube, and followed to your website today for campsite info and to see if I could find out how to contact your Pahrump friend/mechanic. Beautiful, useful website! As a newbie, 2 months on the road, I am on awe of the amount of info, vlogs, videos, website, etc….you provide! Brightest Blessings , Joy and Thanks to Both of You! Tere

    • Comment by post author

      Tere, thank you so much for the kind words. We are glad that you are finding this site helpful. We had hoped to make it a good resource to supplement our YouTube channel.

      So glad you were able to connect with Spencer. He is an honest and conscientious mechanic who we can wholeheartedly recommend.

      We look forward to seeing you!

  8. Sandy N

    Very nice article other than I would’ve preferred that you not mention parking on BLM land. My husband and I spend quite a bit of time cleaning up the desert from many who decide to park on the BLM property. I’m not saying all folks don’t clean up after themselves, but many do not. And, the BLM property has become a haven for many homeless. Most of the residents of the community prefer the visitors to contribute to the community by staying at the campgrounds and RV parks available which helps our community thrive.

  9. Joe Murray

    Hi Debra and Robert,
    I am now a “resident” of Pahrump. I learned about it from CheapRV Living. My favorite rv park is the Escapee’s Co-Op . It’s friendly and there’s a great bunch of folks living there. I have my name on the list to become a member. , With a Walmart and a Home Depot, what more could a nomad ask for? With the election over, it’s time to meander. Hope to see you down the road….

  10. Lindsey

    Hey guys I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation. Just earlier today I was trying to gather info on several services that are mentioned here as I’m gonna be staying for about a week. It was a big help to me at a stressful time and I just appreciate people such as yourselves.

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