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It’s Finished! Pre-Release Sale for Two New Books

Photo: Debra and Robert in Medicine Bow National Forest

We have books for sale!

9/27/18 UPDATE: The pre-sale on Debra’s book, The Journey Begins has ended. Robert’s book, How To Be A Nomad  is still available at the pre-sale price and will continue to be until it is released later this fall.

To buy Debra’s books, go to our BOOKS page to make your selection. See below for information on Robert’s pre-sale. Thank you.


Writing a book is a huge undertaking, but it is so worth the effort once it is finished. Debra and I are both authors and have published books – a short story collection for Debra and four non-fiction books for Robert. Now we are both on track to complete our most recent book projects within weeks of each other.

Debra’s second book, The Journey Begins, is a collection of short stories and the tagline is: Short Stories from Roads I Have Traveled ~ Based on Real Life with Fictional Embellishment. It is the first of ten book from the series, “Life On The Road.”

(It is now published! The e-book was released October 5th, and the paperback will be available to the public by the end of October).

Robert’s latest book, provisionally named How To Be A Nomad, addresses essential information about how to be a nomad. This book is for anyone who is considering becoming a nomad or who has recently moved into a vehicle full-time. This book is intended to be a one-stop resource and covers everything from planning for your departure to having electricity in your vehicle.


Book pre-sales have become common in recent years – and for at least a few reasons. Pre-sales allow publishers (and independent authors) to plan, they provide essential revenue during a critical time of the production process, and they allow readers to obtain a copy of the new book before it is available to everyone else.

We have decided to offer our latest books available for pre-sale for all of these reasons.

Both of our new books will have a retail cost of $20 for paperback and $5 for e-book. Pre-sale readers will receive a discount for ordering early though. We are offering a 25 percent, limited-time discount on these books. This pre-sale offer is only temporary and will be closed soon.

Pre-Sale Prices

  • Paperback – $15
  • E-book – $3.75

Debra’s book is being sent for editing on Monday, and will be available in both paperback and e-book early in the fall (It is now published! The e-book was released October 5th, and the paperback will be available to the public by the end of October). Robert’s book will be completed and published later this fall.

E-books will be available in several formats, including PDF, and Kindle. 

Order Your Books Now

Purchase your pre-sale copy of either (or both) of these books today by using the PayPal links below.

Please indicate in the NOTE field which book(s) you are ordering, and be sure to include your mailing/shipping address if ordering a paperback.

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Thank you for supporting our work here at Two Meander. Happy reading!

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  1. Ronald L Marsh

    I ordered the pre order how to be a nomad Ebook And was wondering when and How I will receive it thank you in advance Ron Marsh

    • Comment by post author

      Ronald, the How to be a Nomad book (both e-book and paperback) should be ready before Thanksgiving. As soon as it is ready, I will email the e-book to everyone who has ordered and contact everyone who ordered paperbacks to confirm mailing addresses. Thank you for your support through purchasing an advance copy of this e-book!

  2. Nancy

    Never noticed the “notes” field. I want 1 paperback copy of both books,

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