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The nomadic lifestyle can be truly AWEmazing, but it still presents plenty of challenges. The resources on this page may be helpful to you on your journey.

We’re selective in what we include here, and only list events or resources that have been vetted and are known to follow applicable rules and regulations.


Many nomads are introverts, but it is still rewarding to meet together with other like-minded folks on occasion. Gatherings provide a perfect opportunity.

2019 Events Directory

Smartphone Apps

A curated selection of apps for your smartphone is an indispensable tool for many nomads. These are apps that we actually use in our travels.

Our Recommended Smartphone Apps


There are many resources available online for nomads. These are websites that we have found useful over the years.

Recommended Websites

Camper Van and RV Rentals

Are you considering life on the road, but not sure if it is really for you? One option is to rent a camper van or RV for a few days or weeks so that you can experience living in a vehicle.

Camper Van/RV Rental Directory

Quartzsite, Arizona Area Resources

Quartzsite and Ehrenberg, along with several other areas along the Colorado River in the desert southwest, are very popular with nomads and snowbirds. The weather in this region is typically pleasant throughout the winter months, while free and inexpensive camping options are plentiful.

View our Quartzsite resources page to learn more