We have several t-shirts and hoodies available already, and more will be added soon. These products are all high quality and may be seen in some of our videos.

Visit our Two Meander Teespring storefront to order your t-shirt, hoodie, or bag today.


We now have 3″ stickers available. Please note that we have not yet tested these stickers outside in the weather (like on a vehicle), but will update about this soon.

Stickers are available for $5 each (price includes shipping and handling). The fastest way to order stickers is by sending payment through PayPal. You may also mail your payment, but please also email us ( so we can be watching since our mail is forwarded irregularly. Visit our Contact page for our postal mail and email addresses.

Photo: Two Meander Logo Sticker
Two Meander Logo 3″ Sticker

Order your Two Meander sticker now through PayPal.


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