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Sometimes people also ask how they can financially support our work here at, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We are appreciative and grateful for this additional support as it enables us to focus our efforts on creating more and better videos, articles, and books for everyone.


One option for making a financial contribution is through PayPal. This is usually the easiest option for those wishing to make a one-time contribution.

You can make a one-time donation through PayPal using this link. Thank you for your support of our work 🙂


Another option is to support Two Meander through Patreon. We recently created a Patreon page based on feedback from viewers and readers. There are several reward tiers available starting at only $1/month, with additional rewards offered for those are able to contribute more. Patreon provides a convenient platform for supporters who wish to become a Patron and make monthly contributions to their favorite creators.

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The Amazon Associates affiliate program allows us to earn a small commission from purchases that viewers or readers make at using our affiliate link. We like this program because many people already shop at and it costs nothing to use our affiliate link. Basically, this is a free way for viewers or readers to help support our work.


We have created a small line of merchandise based on viewer and reader requests. We currently offer several t-shirts, hoodies, and a tote bag through our Teespring store. While we obviously cannot compete with large retailers on price, we have made an effort to keep this merchandise as reasonable as possible.


We now use StickerMule for our Two Meander stickers. We have been very happy with the entire process, speed of printing and shipping, and quality. Please consider using our affiliate link if you need to order stickers as we will both receive a $10 credit.

All income received through Two Meander projects (YouTube, this website, book sales, etc.) helps us to provide more content at a higher quality. Your donations allow us to offer more and better content in three ways.

  1. Robert was recently able to stop freelancing so that he is able to focus all of his time and energy on video production, photography, and writing. This shift was only possible because of the generous support of viewers and readers like you.
  2. As our business income grows, we are both afforded more time to write – our first passion – and produce more books for publication.
  3. Finally, we are able to invest in better gear that allows us to improve the quality of our productions which keeps the flow going.

We cannot do this without you.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. We appreciate you.

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