Episode 20-Meet Alaska Jim

Often out here on the road, we are blessed to encounter the real deal … someone who travels to the beat of a different drum, lives differently, lives large and loves life. That’s Alaskan Jim. He was too camera shy to share much while recording, but we love sitting around campfires with him and hearing his Alaskan backcountry stories. The real deal, indeed. Plus he makes GREAT chili!

A Photo of Jim Hosting Chili Night
Jim Hosting Chili Night, 1/17/18 (Jim, Robert, Mark, Heidi, Tiki, Marc, Doria, Dan)

We first met Jim C. in January, 2017, in Ehrenberg where we were camped with a bunch of our friends awaiting the annual RTR, Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, hosted by Bob Wells, CRVL, Cheap RV Living.

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Episode 13-2018 RTR Viewer Appreciation Meetup

Photo of Episode 13 Thumbnail

There are many things I don’t get to do anymore because of my TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury. A TBI changes things for us Thrivers. One of my biggest inspirations in life, in case you didn’t already know (smile), is Robert. He has limitations from his TBI too, but has overcome so much and learned how to manage it so well, that I constantly draw on him for courage to stretch beyond what I think I can do. He is simply, AWE-mazing.

However, it is a fine line between stretching oneself and maintaining good health through self care, and I continue to struggle with that balance. There are two barometers I measure to help me track how I am doing. The first one comes from Nathalie Kelly, known as The TBI Coach.

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Episode 11-RTR 2018. Meet Mark and Irene in their 2014 Prolite 13 Trailer.

Photo of Episode 10 YouTube Thumbnail

We have communicated with Mark and Irene for quite some time, and it has been such a pleasure getting to camp with them and know them better. What sweethearts!

Photo of Mark and Irene
Photo of Mark and Irene at Little River Falls State Park, 9/20/16. Photo compliments of Mark Busha FB.

They are part-timers from Michigan, and we sure hope to make it there to see their beautiful home and land one day.

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Episode 8-RTR 2018. Class C AWE-MAZING Build Out! Tiki’s Tour!

We are so honored to be the first to showcase Tiki’s beautiful home. And, it is the first tour on our new channel. I love it when synchronicity abounds.

There are build outs and then there are build outs! Tiki is our good friend, but this also happens to be one of THE best build outs we have ever seen. We think you will agree when you see the tour of Tiki’s AWE-mazing, GORGEOUS home. Perhaps the best thing? She did it all herself – the research, purchase, layout design, demolition, custom construction and decorating. Tiki rocks! So does Rocco (10-1/2 years old)! And so does her custom build out.

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