Episode 28-Icy Winter Storms. Running from Panhandlers. Leaving Town at Midnight

Photo of Debra and Robert

For those who aren’t on FB or IG, this article is a list of what we shared in our 2 days of travel.

But first, please be sure you’ve watched the video.

We left Wyoming Monday, February 5, and drove through 12+ hours of icy winter storms.

We were going to rest awhile the next morning and get some work done but decided to head out after being approached by aggressive panhandlers.

Then we made it to what we thought was our destination the next night, Tuesday, February 6 – at midnight! Only to find out there was no room at the inn – or anywhere for that matter. So we drove another two hours to surprise our friends Mark and Irene, and camp with them before they headed out.

Two VERY long days, but we had fun. Here’s our live blogs from social media that covered the two days in detail. Continue reading “Episode 28-Icy Winter Storms. Running from Panhandlers. Leaving Town at Midnight”

How to Live in a Car or Small Vehicle

Photo: Car camp in the Arizona desert

During the time that I lived out of a Toyota Camry, people often expressed incredulity that I was able to live in such a small vehicle. While this was not my first attempt at living out of a car, it was by far the longest period that I did so. It was also my most successful. (I am now living out of a minivan.)

People would often ask me if it was awful or how I did it living out of a Camry. The truth is that it was not a bad experience at all. To the contrary, I actually enjoyed the experience for the most part.

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