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Behind the Scenes

The Curtains On Fancy Free

Collage Photo of Grates On Windows

Fancy Free’s window decor has had many reiterations. When I bought the van, it had been a working cargo van and still had the cage wiring on each door. The banner photo shows Nonni laying on the bed in front of the back doors and my friend, Fred, working on the lock on the side door. Those awful window security guards are now gone. As are, unfortunately, Nonni and Fred.

They each have a tribute created in their honor: FredNonni, and of course not pictured, Bentley.

So if you’ve ever wondered why I have a lid for a lock on my side door, it’s because that’s how Fred fixed my lock -my first winter on the road- and it will remain that way for as long as possible.

After the cages came off, next came the era of reflectix.

Photo of Reflectix in Window

It was functional. It kept the heat out and I actually had 2 for each window because I painted one side black (for lot-docking). NOTE: I do NOT recommend painting reflectix. I have tried many different kinds of paint and none of them work. Over time, they ALL flake off and some of the flecks get in the paint on the doors. Not to mention that then the reflectix is partially painted on that side, and to me, over time it just started looking plain tacky. Ugh.

And there are times when just reflectix just won’t do. So I came up with makeshift curtains. Taking them up and down with what seemed like a million clips and tucks, was just way too much for me, but you can watch that video (here).

I bought a sewing machine last year and had hoped to make curtains on my own, but I could not even figure out how to thread the needle. My friend Karen helped me with that, but then I couldn’t remember the steps to sew and make something. Ugh. That was so disheartening for me because I used to could (before my brain injury) make anything – clothes, home decor, coats, wraps, you name it. But finally, dear Sara in New York came to my rescue and sat down with me. For the first time ever, Fancy Free finally had a proper window dressing and I actually sewed. You can watch that video (here).

But alas, I was the one that did the measuring, and well, that was probably a mistake from the get-go. And Robert hung the bottom curtain rods right where I asked him to, but then it turned out we couldn’t reach the door handles. Ugh, again.

Enter Colleen, friend and seamstress extraordinaire. She drove all the way from Idaho to Wyoming to help me make curtains. You met her when we featured her beautiful 2017 Dodge ProMaster Van (here). Now that’s a home!

I love, love, love the curtains “we” (Colleen) made for Fancy Free. And hopefully, since a village has been involved in finally getting Fancy Free some viable curtains, I got everything right this time.

My thanks to the village —

  • Karen, who helped me pick out my sewing machine and threaded it for me.
  • Sara, who helped me make the first curtains and showed me how to sew again.
  • Colleen, for making it all work and giving Fancy Free the window dressing she deserves, and of course,
  • Robert, for all you do, always.

Check it out. I’m so happy! I’d like to think Fancy Free is too! …

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