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The Gambler 500

Cheap cars, good ethics, and even better people. Gambler 500 events have spread across the country, and for good reason. The Gambler 500 is an off-road event unlike any other that attracts people from all walks of life to share in their love for cars, making great memories, and cleaning up our environment. 

For my husband and I, the Gambler 500 has turned into a family affair. Our siblings are avid Gamblers and having a hobby that you can enjoy with your spouse and family members is priceless. Despite my reluctance at the time, we bought our $300 Gambler car last summer. And I’m so glad we did. Since then, my husband and I have spent many hours working on it together. Even when we disagree on paint colors or car names, sharing a hobby with him that evokes as much passion as the Gambler has turned into something I cherish. There aren’t many things that can make grown men giddy with excitement, and the Gambler 500 accomplishes exactly that for my husband and many others. 

When all the prep work is finished, the real fun comes with the event. Let me just say, a Gambler 500 event may just be one of the most exciting activities an adult can hope to partake in. It’s comparable to the excitement and fun we had at carnivals as children. And I mean, it’s kind of like a carnival. If the carnival consisted of whiskey, rowdy friends, hooptie cars and rugged off-road trails where you run the constant risk of getting stuck, blowing tires, ripping off bumpers, or just altogether destroying your car. But hey, what’s a Gambler without a little gamble? And don’t worry, there are always friends with tow ropes nearby to help you out of a tough spot. 

Aside from the obvious thrill and excitement, one aspect we love most about the Gambler 500 is their commitment to cleaning up the environment everywhere they go. So committed, in fact, that collecting trash is a competition in and of itself at Gambler events. Every person participating in a Gambler loves and respects the land they are proud to have access to, and it’s the mission of every event to leave the trails and camps in better condition than when they arrived. The Gambler 500’s commitment to conservation is one that sets them apart. And one that makes participating in a Gambler event even more meaningful.

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