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Three Sisters Wilderness Photography Adventure

The Three Sisters are well-known volcanic peaks in Oregon. The Sisters, part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, are striking with their snow-capped peaks rising above the surrounding evergreen forest. All three peaks are above 10,000 feet in elevation.

Two of the Sisters, North Sister and Middle Sister, are considered to be unlikely to erupt again in the future. The South Sister, however, may again erupt at some point in the future.

The Three Sisters were also known by virtuous names as Faith, Hope, and Charity in the past. While they are now officially known as North Sister (Faith), Middle Sister (Hope), and South Sister (Charity), there are still many references to the mountains as Faith, Hope, and Charity.

We camped outside of Sisters, Oregon for a week in June and were able to see the Three Sisters from our camp. Our view was through the trees, however, so we set about finding a clear view for a sunset photo of The Sisters one evening. We invite you to join us on that little adventure searching for just the right spot for an evening photo in our most recent video.


Join us as we try to photograph the Three Sisters at sunset!


  1. Linda

    I’m disappointed ☹️
    I was expecting some more photos or behind the scenes photos for Patrons… All I see is the same intro phot and video from Facebook. Did I miss something?

    • Comment by post author

      We actually didn’t take too many photos on that excursion. It was pretty much to get that one shot of the mountain at sunset. I have been shooting a ton lately so there will be a lot more coming soon 🙂

    • Linda, Debra here. I’m just now seeing this. As you know by now, we have ramped up on Patreon as well as our other venues. Being apart was hard for us, and … hard on us. Lesson learned. And I definitely was not holding up my end of the deal – leaving Robert pretty much holding all the cards for quite awhile. We’re both better now – individually and as a couple. As a valued friend and Patron, we hope you are now enjoying the content you are receiving on Patreon as well as here and social media. Thank you for your input. In the future, please let me know during one of our many texts or phone calls when you are disappointed. This made me sad. Much love always, d

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