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Together Again? Oregon Forest Fire Near Camp!

Are we finally together again in the same place? We just released a new video today to answer that question (see below). Spoiler alert, yes we are!

After a wonderful week visiting with family while my parents, Jay and Linda, were in Wyoming to meet their newest great-granddaughter, I heard that familiar siren’s call to “Go west, young man, go west!” And so I did. I left Wyoming on Monday morning and headed west.

After a long two days, I completed my 1,200 mile jaunt and found my “siren” waiting for me at the end of a dusty Forest Service road in Central Oregon. Yes, she was worth every mile.

We have been enjoying reconnecting, taking long walks through the forested mountains, sharing meals, and sitting outside enjoying sunsets and mountain breezes. We also enjoyed creating a new video, our first “together” vlog in several months.

Photo: Smoke from a nearby forest fire
A forest fire not far from our camp

In the midst of our reunion we also had a bit of excitement as we noticed a forest fire had started over a ridge east of our camp. The fire was growing fast for a while, but was eventually contained before moving close enough that we needed to evacuate.

Our new video is included below. We hope that you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Together Again

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  1. So happy you two are Together Again!

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