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Top Cold Weather Gear Ideas for Nomads and RVers

Image: Robert and Debra

Our recommendations for cold weather gear

It is that time of year again when the days are becoming shorter and cooler. In a short time it will be winter. Many nomads migrate with the seasons to avoid the most unpleasant weather, but even in the warmer areas in the southern U.S. it is sometimes cold – particularly at night.

So, what’s a nomad to do? After all, you can only go just so far south before you need to leave the country in search of warmer weather.

We published a new video on our YouTube channel today that features our top gear suggestions for staying comfortable through the colder months.

Our Cold Weather Gear Recommendations

We are also sharing our gear suggestions here. We do recommend watching the full video as well though since we share some our experiences and reasons for suggesting these particular items.

The list below includes affiliate links to Amazon. Purchasing something using one of those links does not cost you any extra, but it may result in us earning a small commission. These commissions add up and really do help to support our work.

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