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Tour of Colleen’s Amazing Dodge Promaster Cargo Van Camper Conversion

Photo: Debra and Colleen beside Colleen's Dodge Promaster camper van conversion

Colleen and her 2017 Dodge Promaster camper conversion

Our opportunities to bring you amazing rig tours have been limited this summer while we are in northeast Wyoming. This weekend though, our friend, Colleen, made a special trip from Idaho to help Debra make new curtains for our camper van conversion. Colleen arrived in her 2017 Dodge Promaster 2500 camper van conversion and graciously agreed to a video interview and tour.

Most of the camper van conversions that we see are DIY Projects, much like our Fancy Free (2005 Ford E-350 Super Duty cargo van). Colleen went a different route with her cargo van conversion though and had it professionally built at Mountain States Sprinter in Bozeman, Montana. We were very impressed with the overall build, but also with the attention to detail and the thoughtful design. Debra and I both immediately remarked that it was a rig that we could live in comfortably.

The Dodge Promaster makes a great platform for a van conversion, whether it is a DIY project or a professional conversion. The Promaster is designed much like a Sprinter with square walls and ceiling, but also with enough headroom for most people to comfortably stand upright. I was able to stand upright with several inches of headroom to spare – even after the ceiling paneling and insulation have been installed. There are also some other nice design features with the Promaster, like a comfortable seat height and built-in storage above the cab area. In our opinion, the Dodge Promaster is worth considering as a base for your van build if you are looking for a newer van.

Colleen was kind enough to allow for a video interview and tour of her Promaster camper van conversion in the midst of an already busy weekend. We appreciate Colleen’s willingness to share her van in this video and are sure that you will love her build as much as we do.

Watch the Video Tour

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