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Two Meander December Annual Gathering 2018 – Rice Ranch in Quartzsite

Photo: Gathered around the campfire with a guitar

Music around the campfire at the 2017 gathering

It is time to start making plans. The Two Meander Annual Gathering 2018 is approaching. Mark your calendars now.


Depending on how you reckon things, this is either our second annual gathering – or our first.

It is our second if you count the 2017 gathering that was widely known as “Debra’s Gathering at Rice Ranch.” Robert, of course, was there for the 2017 gathering, but Two Meander was not officially a thing until the following month (January 2018).

It is our first gathering if you reckon that the first gathering was just “Debra’s Gathering” that Robert attended, but we think it is more fun to consider it as our second annual gathering 🙂

No matter how you reckon it though, the 2017 gathering was a great time. New friendships were formed, existing friendships were strengthened, nomadic lifestyle tips were exchanged, gear was swapped and gifted, vendors were visited, meals were consumed, and campfires (complete with music) were enjoyed.

As you can see, whether this is our first gathering or second gathering, it is sure to be a fantastic time for everyone. We are confident that you won’t want to miss this event.


The Two Meander Annual Gathering 2018 will be held from December 12-16. The event begins at noon on December 12 and ends at noon on December 16.

After the gathering has concluded on December 16, we will be heading to a top secret location for some R&R 🙂


The Two Meander Annual Gathering 2018 will be held at Rice Ranch in Quartzsite, Arizona. Rice Ranch is an RV park and vendor site located in the heart of Quartzsite just across the road from the Big Tent.

We selected Rice Ranch as the venue for our gathering for a few reasons:

  1. Prices are very reasonable for drydocking. (Drydocking is just like boondocking, except you are not out in the boonies.)
  2. Flush toilets and dumpster are provided on site just a short walk from where we will be camped.
  3. Rice Ranch is located in the midst of many vendors and literally within sight of the Big Tent. We usually prefer boondocking as far from civilization as possible, but once in a while it is fun to mix it up and visit town.
  4. While we spend a lot of time camping for free, we also like to support local, family businesses when possible.
  5. Access is easy for everyone, regardless of vehicle or mobility impairments. The entire parking lot at Rice Ranch is level gravel, and it is located immediately off a paved, major road in Quartzsite. Nobody is excluded because the terrain is difficult.
  6. It is legal. Hosting a gathering on public land often requires permits that can be difficult and time-consuming to obtain. Hosting at a private campground allows us to be sure that everything is legal and there will be plenty of room for everyone.


The Two Meander Annual Gathering 2018 will mostly be an informal time to meet new people, connect with old friends, and get to know us a bit (if you really want to). We do, however, have a few optional events planned during the gathering as well.

  • A vendor walk-around to see and experience Quartzsite (it really is a carnival-like atmosphere during winter)
  • Behind the Scenes Demonstrations (did you ever wonder what goes into making a Two Meander video?)
    • Planning and Shooting a Video
    • Editing a Video
    • Publishing a Video on YouTube
    • Social Media
  • One craft/skills session. Open to anyone. Bring your own. (one afternoon for a couple of hours, TBD)
    • Robert will participate in a photography/videography session. Bring your own equipment and share ideas, skills and projects.
    • Debra will participate in a crafts session. Most likely Debra will be working with a friend to bead a bracelet, but bring your own craft to work on and enjoy the together time.
  • Nightly meetups around a fire pit

Note that all planned events will be dependent on the weather. A tentative schedule is being developed, and events will be spread out during the gathering. While event dates and times are flexible and  subject to change, we will have a printed schedule available for you upon arrival.


We have carefully selected a venue that we hope will be affordable for everyone. The costs for drydocking at Rice Ranch are less than at many county, state, or Forest Service campgrounds. In addition, the managers have generously offered a discount for those who are attending the Two Meander gathering!

  • Drydock Camping – $5.92/night (this is a $2 per night Two Meander discount)
  • Site with FULL Hookups – $30/night
  • Day Use Fee (only for those who are not camping on site, see details below) – $2/day


Reservations are not needed at Rice Ranch to attend the Two Meander gathering. Please do let us know if you plan to attend though (and which dates) so that we can set up accordingly.

Please DO NOT contact Rice Ranch with questions. This is a very busy season for them, and we have agreed to manage the details of this event. Contact us directly with any questions or concerns, and then just register with the office on your arrival.

Camping Check-In

Please check in with the office to register if you will be camping at Rice Ranch during the gathering. Just let them know that you are there for the Two Meander gathering and they will charge you the discounted rate and direct you to where we are set up for the event.

Day Use Check-In

Please do not check in with the office if you are only visiting for the day, but are not spending the night. We will collect the day use fees and turn them over to the managers.


Rice Ranch is located on the southeast corner of Central Boulevard and E Kuehn Street in Quartzsite. We hope to see you there!

You can watch the entire playlist of videos from the 2017 Rice Ranch Meetup (here).


  1. Mark

    See you there!

  2. Penni Creager

    2 people attending in a van with tent.
    Can’t wait to meet you both

    • We are glad that you will be able to make it, Penni! We look forward to meeting you at the gathering this year.

  3. Linda Wright

    Looking forward to the meetup!! Have it on my calendar – and now working out details of when I’m leaving NC. Cheers & Hugs. ~Linda Cripple-Creek (facebook) and aka Giggling Gypsy (youtube)

  4. NoreenN

    Any suggestions on how to attend if one doesn’t own a rig?

    • Noreen, last year we had people staying in just about everything – converted cargo van, minivan, Class C, travel trailer, and even a Toyota Prius. They do have restrooms with flush toilets on site so as long as you have a place to sleep you should be all set. I would definitely recommend curtains or window shades for privacy though 🙂

  5. Joan Hazelgrove

    Hi! I plan to attend. Boondocking in a travel trailer. Trying to fit it in with my travel to California before the RTR.

    • We look forward to seeing you, Joan! My first stay at Rice Ranch was in a trailer as well, though mine was a converted cargo trailer.

  6. We will be there in a van and Tent. Looking forward to meeting you Debra and Robert.

  7. Vicky May

    I will be there boondocking in a van through the 12th to the 16th. Looking forward to meeting you Debra and Robert.

  8. Douglas Clark

    Debra and Robert, I will be there in my newly painted 94 G30 Van that was the ugly van you edited the video for Bob.
    I must say that this is the first time that I will be paying for a place to stay, after almost four years full time on the road. But having the opportunity to meet the two of you is worth every penny.

    So it’s going to be myself (Doug) and my little four legged navigator ( Buddy).
    Are there any special rules for having a Dog with me? Becides trying to keep Debra from falling in love with him. LoL.

    Have a wonderful day.
    Buddy and Doug’s Big adventure.

    • Hi Doug! Congrats on the new paint job! But I would never say your home is/was ugly. Home is where the heart is, right? So glad to hear that you will be joining us at Rice Ranch. It is well worth the $5 or $6 just for the location (temporarily, lol), the flush toilets and trash bin. :)) We are really looking forward to meeting you. And you can count on it ahead of time that I (Debra) will def fall in love with Buddy. :)) Leash laws apply and nearby neighbors would probably appreciate minimal barking, but other than that – I can guarantee you Buddy (and you) will have a great time! There were lots of pups and pets last year as well. Big, big hugZ, Debra and Robert

  9. Kristina Clark

    I believe we will be there for a few days. As of right now we have a kia sedona van that we camp in. Looking forward to meeting all of you.

  10. Kat

    I plan on coming to the Rice Ranch gathering, if I can make it out there in time (from NYstate). Thank you Debra it was seeing you doing this that made me finally believe I might be able to do this alone with my little elderly dog. Have been very ill for many years and had given up dreaming it was going to be possible to travel/camp. I spent 4 months out in AZ area last winter and while it was difficult at times I loved it. You are someone I really want to meet in person to thank. Kat

    • This is wonderful news Kat! Robert and I will be so happy to meet you! Robert has family in New York and we are hearing about your weather today. I hope you are safe. Yes, there are many challenges on the road, but please listen to your heart. It knows what is best for you. And once you know, whatever that may be, never give up on your dreams. You’ve got this! KOKO! Happy and safe travels, d

  11. Brenda Iverson

    I am hoping to make it to your gathering. I am in a van but occasionally like to use my generator. Is there rules on gens? Being in the desert is new to me. I am coming down from the PNW. Looking forward to meeting you two. Brenda

  12. Robbie & Katiemac

    Hello, Debra and Robert,

    We are coming across Texas Dec 9 to arrive at Rice Ranch on the 13th. If there are others travelling this route at that time and may be interested in traveling together, we would love to know it. Also, recommendations for places to spend nights greatly appreciated! Our rig is a van.

  13. Hi – My first RTR. Thank you for the invitation to join you. Coming from OK solo. Feeling a little uneasy about just where to ‘land’ to try and to get my bearings. You’ve offered a gracious resolution 😁 I’ll be arriving on the 13th of Dec. Hope there’ll be room for me. See you then.


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