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Walmart Solar Shower Review: Does It Work?

Photo: Robert and Debra

Is this WalMart solar shower worth it?

One of the challenges for nomads who spend a lot of time boondocking is staying clean in between trips to a public shower. Sure, there are things that we do to stay clean, but nothing beats a nice shower.

There are a few types of portable camp showers that help to solve this problem. One option is a solar shower bag. I had not tried these before, but know people who do use them. While I was in WalMart recently I spotted an inexpensive (okay, it was cheap) solar shower bag and decided to give it a try.

Honestly, I was not expecting too much for $9 – and that is for the best. It reminds of a proverb parody I once heard: “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall not be disappointed.”

We decided to record a video sharing my experience with the cheap, portable solar shower from Walmart. I hope you enjoy watching!


  1. Dean Pitman

    thanks guys. Found your site from Bob Wells video of your rig. Gonna hit the road soon as house is for sale and wife & I are thinking class b rv or a van build of our own. She is most handy and carpenter extraordinaire. I got a good grasp of electricity and will do solar set up. Hope to someday see you two on the road.

    • Comment by post author

      Congratulations on your new adventure! Deciding between a Class B or a DIY van build is really a matter of preference and budget, in my opinion. Some people love the Class B rigs, while others find them claustrophobic and over-built. A hightop is a wonderful option if you are able to find it. I didn’t fully appreciate that until being in a couple of vans that did not allow me to stand up… LOL

      A custom build is not difficult if you (and/or your spouse) has the skills. It just takes a fair bit of time. Having done a few builds now, I would plan on at least a few weeks for a basic build up to a few months for a complicated build. Of course, the more time you can commit to each day, having the right tools, etc. all helps to speed things along. Decent wiring is something that I find makes a big difference. It didn’t take me long to tire of tripping over extension cords 🙂

      I am hopefully upgrading to a van again this week. We have been traveling together in Debra’s van over the past year or so, but are visiting some different places this summer so I am currently alternating between the little car and my son’s house in Wyoming. A van will be a huge improvement over the little car!

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