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Meanderings Magazine – Northwestern US

We are excited to announce the newest issue of Meanderings magazine. We were happy with the first issue – and heard from many readers who were thrilled with the magazine – but we think this new issue is even better.

Inside Issue 2

The latest issue is longer than the first with more content and a new special section. We have increased the length from 24 pages to 40, but not a single page is “fluff.” We worked hard to bring you 40 pages of quality content that you will enjoy reading and viewing more than once, and will even be glad to share with others.

We also worked hard to plan the content in this issue to make for a smooth reading experience. Oregon takes the lead in this issue, but we also feature Montana and Wyoming.

In addition to providing more content, we introduced a special section that features a brand new, previously unpublished short story by Debra. (Don’t let the “short” fool you – that is in comparison to a novel. Her First Time at the Oregon Coast spans a full four pages in this magazine.) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story – and I am certain that you will as well. This will be an ongoing feature in future issues!

Patron Rewards

We originally started Meanderings as a thank you for Patrons who support Two Meander with at least $25 per month. Patrons at $25 per month received a complimentary PDF version four times each year, while Patrons who provide at least $50 per month of support received a complimentary print copy of the magazine.

Order Your Copy of Meanderings

We realize that not everyone is able to support our work with at least $25 per month so we also offer Meanderings available for purchase on a per-copy basis. A subscription option is being developed and should be available later this year for 2020 issues.

Order at Amazon

The latest issue is available for Kindle at The print version will be available within the next few days. I will post an update here as soon as the print version is available.

Download a Digital Copy

PDF downloads are available now for $5 with two options for purchase. 1) Make a $5 payment through PayPal and we will email you a download link promptly. 2) Purchase a PDF copy through our Gumroad store and download the magazine immediately. Both options provide you with access to all three PDF files – Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

We appreciate your support and think you will truly enjoy this magazine!

Note on Pricing

We have worked hard to keep the cost of Meanderings as reasonable as possible. Full-color printing, particularly in small quantities, is still quite a bit more expensive than black and white printing. We earn very little from each sale, and it takes literally days of work to layout a magazine in multiple formats. While this is not a profitable venture at this point, we do believe that it provides value to people based on the feedback we have received. We would not be able to create things like Meanderings without the ongoing support of our Patrons and fans. Thank you!

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