Adventures with Debra and Robert

Quartzsite, Arizona Area Resources

Photo: Debra at a Quartzsite food vendor

Debra visiting with Randy at Randy's Hamburgers in Quartzsite

Quartzsite and Ehrenberg, along with several other areas along the Colorado River in the desert southwest, are very popular with nomads and snowbirds. The weather in this region is typically pleasant throughout the winter months, while free and inexpensive camping options are plentiful.

The videos and articles below were all created by us over the past two years. We plan to write and record even more this winter while we are in Arizona.


These videos were all recorded by Debra and Robert before we launched Two Meander, but they are still contain helpful information about the Quartzsite, Arizona area. We plan to record several more videos this winter so stay tuned for those!


These campsite reviews are helpful resources for those who are new to the Quartzsite area. We will publish more this winter so watch for those once we are back in Arizona.