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Recommended Gear

We have compiled a list of gear that recommend on our Kit page. This frequently updated selection includes only products that we are comfortable recommending, and includes everything from camera gear to camp cooking gear.

Visit our Kit page to learn more.


We are both authors. Debra has written two fiction books, and Robert has written five non-fiction books. Please visit our books page to learn more!


We have stickers available! We now have several designs available, and will be adding more soon.

Browse our available stickers to learn more.


We have several t-shirts and hoodies available already, and more will be added soon. These products are all high quality and may be seen in some of our videos.

Browse our available t-shirts and hoodies to learn more.


As Amazon affiliates, we may receive a small commission from Amazon when you use our affiliate link to make a purchase. The great thing about this program is that it does not cost you any extra. Please consider showing your support for our work by using our affiliate link for your next Amazon purchase.

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Thank you for your support of Two Meander. Whether you purchase merchandise, stickers, or use our Amazon affiliate link, it all adds up to help us continue bringing you new adventures and stories.

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