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Adventures with Debra and Robert


We have stickers available! We now have several designs available, and will be adding more soon.

Ordering Stickers

Stickers are available for $5 each in the U.S. or $6 each in Canada and the U.K.

You can order stickers either through our e-store at Gumroad or via PayPal. For PayPal orders please be sure to include your address in the note field. If you have trouble adding your address during checkout please send an email with your name, mailing address, and details of which sticker(s) you are ordering to

Image: PayPal checkout screenshot
Use the “Add a Note” box to send your mailing address and details about which stickers you are ordering while paying through PayPal

Shipping Time

We appreciate your support and always make an effort to ship orders as quickly as possible. Depending on our location and travel schedule, it may sometimes take several days for us to be able to ship your order.

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