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Winter Bird Watching Destinations in the Southern U.S.

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge is a great winter bird watching destination

Bird watching is an activity that is enjoyed my many nomads and travelers. Visiting a variety of different locations each year provides unique and interesting view opportunities. You may have wondered where are the best winter bird watching destinations in the southern US?

Nomads who migrate with the seasons as “snowbirds” have the opportunity to see not only the year-round birds in southern destinations, but also migratory birds who are also escaping the cold, northern winters.

Winter bird watching destinations

Whichever southern destination you choose to spend your winter at is likely to have some bird viewing opportunities, but some locations are likely to offer more opportunities than others. Southern Living recently published an article on 9 Must-Visit Bird Watching Destinations in the South. This article provides a good starting point for snowbird bird watchers who plan to flock south for winter (puns intended!).

Another southern bird watching destination not mentioned in the Southern Living article that we both enjoy visiting is the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge along the Colorado River in southern Arizona and California.

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What are your favorite bird watching destinations? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Pat P

    I would love to revisit Galveston Island and the area. I lived there many years ago but did not realize at the time what a birding paradise it is! Lots of migration in early spring.

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