Adventures with Debra and Robert

Wish List

We created this page because viewers have asked us to share a  wish list. We do not expect anyone to buy anything for either of us, and are humbled by our viewers’ generosity and support.

The following lists reflect things that we actually want or would benefit from having. In many cases, they are borrowed from our private Amazon “wish lists” of things we may (or may not) get around to buying eventually ?

This also serves the purpose of putting it out there in the Universe for us to reach our goals and track them.

Please use our Ehrenberg, Arizona address for any Christmas-season mailing or shipping/mail in general: 50078 Ehrenberg-Parker Hwy, Ste #80-124, Ehrenberg, AZ 85334.

Debra’s Wish List

Robert’s Wish List

Wait, I’m a minimalist so I don’t need stuff… OK, I am a minimalist, but a limited, carefully curated selection of things does make life easier and improve my ability to work. These are all things that “some day” I might consider acquiring.